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Local participation and strategic alliances

HRF is at the forefront of developing practical methods to bring a greater share of benefits to rural communities while improving the sustainability of the resource base. We design and execute projects in consultation with stakeholders and field-based organizations around the world. HRF plays the role of "honest broker" in bringing sustainable suppliers into direct contact with reputable raw material buyers interested in socially responsible and economically viable business partnerships.

HRF works in a participatory manner with all stakeholders to develop technically appropriate and site-specific strategies to manage and conserve the resource base. Our work with on-the-ground organizations builds the capacity of entrepreneurs, resource managers, and policy makers through action-research, training, and workshops. Given the economic vulnerability of many rural communities, an important factor in the success of any commercialization activity is the need to build a socially and environmentally responsible market chain. HRF uses its contacts and understanding of the industry to facilitate the development of strategic alliances between key stakeholders in supply, demand, and resource management.

The models HRF applies are market-driven, reducing risk to producers and small entrepreneurs. Moreover, the aim is to integrate sound economic solutions with social and environmental concerns. The goal of all our programs is to improve the capacity and visibility of sustainable producers so they can compete more effectively in this unique marketplace while improving the sustainability of the industry as a whole.

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