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Hardcover $23.95


The Encyclopedia of
Popular Herbs

by Robert S. McCaleb, Evelyn Leigh, and Krista Morien

HRF’s critically acclaimed new book!

At last – an authoritative, trustworthy guide to the health benefits and safety of America’s most popular medicinal plants! The Encyclopedia of Popular Herbs is a research-based compilation of modern scientific evidence supporting the use of 40 leading herbs. The fully referenced, 451-page book features a unique 5-star rating “state of knowledge” system that allows the reader to assess – at a glance – the amount of research, degree of safety, and level of international acceptance for each herb. Illustrated with full-color photographs and black-and-white line drawings.

This remarkable book includes:

        The latest scientific research and traditional information on herb effects
        Information about using herbs to prevent and treat commone ailments
        Dosage and safety information
        Advice on choosing herbal supplements
        And more!

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Herbs of Choice - by Varro Tyler, PhD. Dr. Tyler, another HRF Advisory Board Member, literally wrote the book on the scientific study of herbs. Herbs of Choice provides a scientifically focused rundown on leading herbs. Here's what Booknews has to say about one of our favorite author's latest books: 

"Ignoring folkloric or putative uses or unproven remedies, Tyler (pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, Purdue U.) presents current factual information on the pharmacology, therapeutics, and toxicology of the beneficial crude drugs of plant origin (herbs) and their common preparations (phytomedicinals). For general readers as well as physicians, pharmacists, and other health professionals. Paper edition (895-5), $17.95. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or."

Hardcover $39.95

American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook by McGuffin, Hobbs (ed) and Upton provides readily accessible safety data in an easy-to-use classification system for more than 600 commonly sold herbs. The handbook also features additional information regarding international regulatory status, standard dosage, and certain common toxicity concerns. 

A must for any complete herbal bookshelf. The authors have reviewed all the classic references on herbal safety and plant toxicity. The result is a useful guide to which herbs are safest for self care and those for which professional guidance is wise.

Our Price: $359.00 CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs: by James Duke. OK, this book is expensive, but a massive compilation of information on herbs, by Dr. James Duke former chief top economic plant expert at the USDA and among the founding fathers of the Herb Research Foundation.

Our Price: $13.56
A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants: Eastern and Central North America by Steven Foster, James A. Duke, Jim Blackfeather Rose

The most comprehensive of all the Peterson guides on the medicinal uses of wild plants.  This extensive field guide is a must for all of those interested in native herbs.  Small enough for a daypack with full color photos for ease of identification.

Our Price: $85.00 Herbs Spices and Medicinal Plants : Recent Advances in Botany Horticulture and Pharmacology by Lyle E. Craker, James Simon 

These special order books are for the serious herb grower and scientist, written by the two leading aromatic and medicinal plant horticulture experts Jim Simon (Purdue) and Lyle Craker (U. of Mass).

Each volume is $85. You can order Vol. 1 (1986), Vol 3 (1988), Vol 2 (1991), Vol 4 (1990), Vol 3 (1996). If the volumes and dates seem confusing to you, well, us too.

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