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Our top sponsors are our strongest allies in our public awareness efforts. Their generous contributions are critical in helping us achieve our goals of public, professional, and media education; herb development and conservation; and the worldwide promotion of appropriate health care with natural medicines.


Top sponsors receive a Website link from the HRF Website and a wealth of other membership benefits designed to meet the specific needs of nutraceutical businesses.


Top membership benefits packages are customized to your company’s particular needs. In addition to all of the benefits listed below, your package could include:


To discuss your options, please call Rob McCaleb at (303) 449-2265, or email


All Corporate Leaders automatically receive the following membership benefits:

  • Herb Alerts: on regulatory and scientific issues affecting the industry
  • Website link: A link from HRF’s award-winning website to your own homepage
  • Herb Research News: For HRF members only, our enewsletter
  • HerbalGram: The premier peer-reviewed scientific herb journal
  • Herb Companion: A bimonthly magazine offering practical herb advice
  • Discounts on all HRF information services
  • Best Herbs for Healing : Our critically acclaimed book, filled with the latest scientific evidence, safety, and dosage information for 40 popular herbs

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