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Phytosterols (hormonally active plants) Info Packet

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Phytosterols (hormonally active plants) Extensive information on phytoestrogens, and other plant hormones. Herbs are discussed that have shown benefit as a natural form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in the treatment of menopausal symptoms, with some clinical research support. The human endocrine system is examined, as well as the adrenal hormone DHEA and its health effects. Herbs mentioned include: flaxseed, wild yam, dong quai, licorice, unicorn, black cohosh, saw palmetto, ginseng, evening primrose oil, sarsaparilla, fenugreek, vitex, goat's rue, rhubarb, yucca, black cohosh, and soy.

Phytosterols (hormonally active plants) Info Packet


Phytosterols (hormonally active plants) Info Packet

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