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The Natural Healthcare Hotline

Fast answers by phone to questions about the health benefits
and safety of herbs

Call (303) 449-2265 and ask for a Hotline Information Specialist for research-based information on:

        Safety and side effects
        Known contraindications
        Known herb-drug interactions
        Scientific citations
        Traditional use information

HRF is happy to announce that we are lowering the cost for a Hotline information call to a minimum fee of only $5.00. We hope this change makes the Natural Healthcare Hotline service more accessible to all. We look forward to the day when we can obtain adequate funding to offer the Hotline as a free service. Until then, we do need to charge this small fee in order to cover the costs of database management and Hotline operation. HRF members pay only $.95 per minute to talk to an information specialist with access to HRF's professional database of science-based facts on more than 170 herbs. Cost for non-members is $1.50 per minute. A Visa or MasterCard is required to use this service.

We are not medical practitioners or healthcare providers and cannot make recommendations regarding the use of herbs to treat specific health conditions or ailments. For more information about the use of herbs for health concerns, please see our Herb Information Packet Series.

Additionally, since our work is dedicated to research on botanical medicines, we cannot answer questions related to specific brands of herbal products, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, or isolated compounds (such as SAM-e, MSM, IP-6, lutein, 5-HTP, Melatonin, DHEA, etc.). Please refer to our Herb Information Packet Cross-Reference Chart for packets containing information on these substances.


For manufacturers and retailers, a toll-free
customer information service

When your customers have questions you can’t answer, turn to the Natural Healthcare Hotline. As an independent source of accurate, unbiased information, HRF is uniquely qualified to provide this third party educational service for consumers – one that is impossible for manufacturers to provide within the constraints of the current regulatory environment.
Call (303) 449-2265 to learn more, or email us at


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